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Recognising the hillbilly & her bag of sticks

I’ ve had another one of those you-whoo-you-in-there moments.Right in the middle of a lovely meditation and up pops a vision of a hillbilly woman carrying a quilted bag of sticks on her back.

It was like ‘heartbeat meet thyself!

I knew she was me because I’ve always considered myself a pastel-kinda’ hillbilly. You know the kind—wearing fine make-up and racy black underwear underneath food-stained, and often, wrong-side out clothes (I dress in the dark most mornings).

I get the message: it’s time for me to admit it out loud. Let my inner ‘bag it and tag it’ beauty shine.

And so, here I am with my magical bag of sticks. A folk-art version of the wands used by the ilk of the Harry Potter clan. Now—each stick has its own purpose and I can, and often do, whip out one of these babies in the blink of a myopic eyeball.

The one with the donkey head carved on the top is probably the meanest of the bunch. It’s used most often when I’m smothered by the yap-yap-yap of someone who has a horses’ ass for a brain. A simple tweak from the twig and their obnoxious braying becomes so obvious even they have to notice it. Leaving them to either shut up or scurry off. Love this stick to pieces. It’s one of the reasons I don’t go out much – I’m afraid I’ll wear it out.

Another of my precious cargo has a cellophane sheen over it. It’s my stick with the invisibility knot. Because I’m a loner by nature, I am often overwhelmed by the energy in gatherings. Giving myself a wee rap upside the head with the knotty bark and suddenly I’m invisible (well, except for those who have their own stick stash).

Another luscious twig of slivers is my lullaby log. One whack with this baby and it’s ‘goodnight darling’ for all but the most hyper. I especially enjoy tapping my loving husband with this sweet sliver of snores. And before you think I’m being nasty, think about it—I whip, I whack and before we have time to scratch anything, he’s drifting off to la-la land in his recliner.

And with him snoozing in his recliner, I’m free to do as I chose. Less time to fight and less for his sweet noggin to sweat over.

Personally, I think living with a hillbilly and her bag of sticks is good for him.

And with that—I’m outta’ here—time to go for a walk. You never know what kinda’ sticks you’ll find in the woods.


Artists I’d like to echo when I grow up (If I ever do)

While waiting for the rain to stop and the turkey bloat to exit I re-discovered my favorite art blogs. First stop was at Cathy Johnson’s and then onto I followed those up with a tour round her site.  This past summer, Randy and I purchased her book,

Now available! Just click the cover image below.  …and we fell in love with it. It was so stimulating we couldn’t help but draw along with the pages. Plus she got me dipping my digits into the world of watercolors (strickly for sketching purposes right now). And thanks to her site I discovered a wild little aquabrush—it has a holding barrel, much like a fountain pen, except the barrel holds water, making it so, so easy to pick up color and blend it in. Love it, love it, love it!
I took two of Cathy’s mini sketching courses, mostly because they don’t cost what they are truly worth. What a fantastic deal she offers! Lot’s of info and video demonstrations within each of the lessons. Cathy is easy to listen to and learn from. Sometime this winter I plan to take her watercolor/sketching mini course too. Truly a kind soul who believes in sharing her wealth.

Another artist I am amazed with is Andrea Joseph. Her work boggles my mind with its sheer volume of words per page. You can check out her  amazing skill with ink  at  I’ve just ordered her zine, How to draw like a loon. Here’s hoping it stimulates the mind also.

Or for a look at an artist with kink check out this site belonging to James Gurney, (No, no, not the lace and leather kink—or at least I haven’t found any yet…but I will keep looking!) If you really want your mind jiggled a bit check out his December 26th post and the video  he includes there. Then near the end of that post is another listing for his own work on video.

 I bow to greatness….one and all.

Let the world in, or hide the key?


Online/Offline? That’s my dilemma. Until I feel comfortable online, this blog stays offline. Stays private long enough to practice and get the following list firmly locked into place.

#1:To once again journal regularly.

At one time, after reading Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, I practiced  morning pages and they felt good, and were therapeutic.  Journaling early in the morning, when the air is quiet and all sounds seem muted allowed me to empty out my heart, and head onto the pages. Here, in this blog I plan to keep a rubber band securely around both to remind myself to not get in things too deeply. Which leads to…

#2: Don’t get into the ugly and stay there poking at it.

Ugly = heavy. Heavy is hard reading. I tried hanging onto heavy pages I’d written. Uncomfortable.  I didn’t get off on reading that nasty stuff so why in hell’s name would anyone else? So I burnt them. It felt good. I was moving forward, and I like moving forward. Besides, I’ve come to understand there are two main types of memorable times in our lives. The plain old ugly sucked-in-the-muck moments, and those delicious ‘aha’ moments. Both kinds come equipped with a sticky backing and once they find an empty space on our ego brain-board—zipppp—like burrs on a dog. If I decide I want to reference one of those moments, I merely do an internal scan of my ego brain-board till I find the right memory/sticky. I believe that to physically hang onto that stuff is like hoarding and we’ve all seen the results of that. Besides…

#3: Nothing physically saved is private.

If saved they can be discovered. Any blog (public/private) can be found by a savvy computer snoop and hurled into cyber space like laundry on a clothesline.  Anything handwritten into a journal can be found by a snoop (usually family) so ALWAYS keep that thought in the spaces between the gray matter. And finally….

#4: Make your words worth sharing. Don’t babble.

And lord knows, I can babble the eyeballs right off a frog…

Enough said for now….Ciao

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