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Wabi Sabi & Man-wonder

Wah-Bee  Saw-Bee (aka humble grace)

I am sitting on the deck reading Wabi Sabi Simple by Richard R. Powell—for the second time, as this is not a book you devour then turf. This is a soul-stirring, heart-warming wealth of simple wisdom; a breath of fresh, pure air under cover, on paper.

I love reading tiny passages from his book and then letting my thoughts drift over, around, under and through them.

Take this little nugget for example—Richard states that Wabi Sabi affirms the reality that everything is in motion, even the rocks that erode and re-form over millions of years.

WOW! Now that’s slow motion eh?

So, then I started wondering if elephants appear to rocks like hummingbirds appear to us—each of us moving to our own speed of life. I said to my husband, who was trying to ignore my intelligent sighs and gasps of pleasure while reading, as he worked another crossword to the finish.

“Think about it.” I said to Man-wonder,” We must look like big, honking elephants to birds. Our . . . ,” I stopped at a loss for how to describe our speed.

“We are all the same molecular structure,” Man-wonder took over,” except our molecules move at a different frequency.”

“Exactly!” I stared at him in awe. No wonder I call him Man-wonder.

Ain’t he just . . . . . .

Now, please excuse me while I go smother the lug in hugs and kisses till he cries.

Pssst – Try Richard Powell’s book if you can find it. Its frequency may just jump-start yours too.